Balanced View organizes global human community into a potent, intelligent force that acts in its shared self-interest to cultivate powerful, peaceful, beneficial, prosperous, generous society for all. A pioneering style of leadership and grassroots organizing led to the development of Balanced View, which now trains individuals and other organizations in utilizing the same tools. Balanced View was built by people just like you and is run by people just like you.

Education, empowerment and mobilization of open intelligence throughout society is the sole activity of Balanced View world organizing. This grassroots organizing and leadership developed by Balanced View is currently evolving as the basis of future world governance that is of the people, by the people, and for all inhabitants of the multiverse.

Balanced View provides a precise instruction set and powerful tools to train up open intelligence self-leadership. Open intelligence self-leadership is the individual and organizational model. Our technology is based on the combinatory power of the Four Mainstays: the trainer, the training, the recognition of open intelligence for short moments, many times, until obvious at all times and a worldwide support network.

We, together, all of the people of the world, generate collective power for transmuting the way in which humans are trained to think, feel, act and live, into a potent, skillful force for the benefit of all. Thus the core goal of Balanced View is to generate durable power for humankind—one human being at a time, one short moment at a time, and to influence the development of a clear, insightful and empowered human intelligence that is the basis for current and future human society. Balanced View is the unification of human intelligence into a vast force of benefit for all.

In this mode of grassroots organizing, each individual learns to seize the innate power of their mind to foster mental and emotional stability, clarity, insight, natural ethics, spontaneous motivation and aspiration to benefit all, economic certainty, skillful action in each situation, and consistent power to fulfill beneficial intent. With the fundamental power of the mind, humans are prepared to lead the world we live in and to bring it together into a unified governing force the likes of which humanity has never seen.