What We Do

Balanced View offers a new and vital education in the nature of mind, allowing us to realize our greatest potential and to be of benefit to all. This grassroots movement empowers people around the world to see their strengths and talents and contribute them for the benefit to all, enjoying increasing happiness and joy and tapping into their potential for living life in a deeply caring and beneficial way. caring and beneficial way.

Elements of Balanced View's Education in the Nature of Mind

Short Moments:
 A simple practice that can be relied upon in each moment of everyday life. Short moments of open intelligence, repeated many times until benefit is pervasive at all times.

Trainers: Experienced trainers available 24/7 through email and a live chat

Training: Free media online and formal trainings in person, through tele-conference and online

Community: A worldwide community of people thriving with life satisfaction and a passion for making powerful changes in the world that are of benefit to all

We call this empowerment network the “Four Mainstays".


Get Started

To get started now, we recommend watching the short video below with participants then continuing with some videos introducing open intelligence from our trainers with practical instructions or enjoying our books, filled with clear and practical advice on how to live a highly impactful, prosperous, happy life of benefit to all.

Financial Structure

Balanced View is 501(c)(3) non-profit grassroots organization teaching wisdom and love worldwide. Wisdom-love is the zenith realization of Buddhist Dzogchen, sometimes known as enlightenment. Wisdom-love is recognized as the highest of all 84,000 Buddhist teachings. Dzogchen is thousands of years old and was adopted in the 9th century by Tibetan Buddhism. 

The Balanced View organization

  • provides free access to media on our website, youtube, Facebook and other online networks
  • oversees, operates and expands the global and online infrastructure through which the Four Mainstays are shared
  • organizes and trains the global network of volunteers and certified Trainers.

Balanced View is funded by voluntary donations from participants. Donations are not required for participation in the above-mentioned free offerings. 

Currently, monthly recurring contributions from the grassroots are covering the basic operating expenses. 

Major donors who feel moved to support Balanced View's offering to the world are invited to contact us directly to hear more about our plans for the future development of major projects. 

Contributions to Onsite and Videoconference Balanced View Trainings are supporting the Trainers who are not receiving a salary from the Balanced View organization.

The income from Online Trainings is supporting the Team of Trainers involved, and also covers the additional operating expenses of the Online Training platform.

Additionally, Balanced View oversees and operates a growing number of work/retreat/residential community properties and organic gardens/farms worldwide (US, UK, Sweden, India). These are independent legal entities and set up according to the requirements of the country in which located. Balanced View supports local leadership teams in implementing the Dzogchen wisdom awareness teachings and Principles of Unity and Service in all areas of management and operations of these facilities.