Volunteering for the Benefit of All

Balanced View is a social network empowering people worldwide. It is your dedication and service that have spread Balanced View into over 12,000 cities in 10 years. Over 300,000 hours of service are generously offered by each and all of us together every year to fuel this expansion. Thank you so much!

We are calling for volunteers to serve who:

  • are committed to a lifestyle based on open intelligence
  • are enjoying immersion in the Four Mainstays, and
  • have a desire and passion for actively supporting the expansion of Balanced View with your service.

Here are some areas with great room for using your strengths, gifts and talents for the benefit of all:

  • Media production (video editing, audio editing, graphic design)
  • Transcribing talks
  • Subtitling Videos
  • Service at the Center in Sweden
  • Clarity Culinary Academy
  • Clarity Garden Academy

If any of these look compelling to you, or you would like to contribute something you feel will make us thrive even more, please get in touch with your primary trainer who will connect you with the respective service team, or:

Write to us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.