Balanced View Trainings

Introductory Trainings

The four-part Introductory Trainings 

  • offer a complete introduction to open intelligence,
  • introducing key points on the nature of open intelligence and
  • simple, direct instruction on how to gain assurance in open intelligence in everyday life.

By training in fundamental open intelligence, a vast power of benefit surges within you. This is the dawning of open intelligence and great benefit for you as an individual as well as for human society. The process of indestructible open intelligence identity is summed up in the empowerment of each individual and of society with optimal qualities and activities. This takes place through the Four Mainstays lifestyle of Balanced View, which are introduced in these Introductory Trainings. The first time the choice is made to rely on open intelligence, there is a sense of the great power of complete relief to be found in open intelligence. The four-part Introductory Training is a prerequisite for the Twelve Empowerments training.

Twelve Empowerments

In the Everyday Open Intelligence: Twelve Empowerments Training, we are introduced to the fundamental nature of reality. The Twelve Empowerments Training explains the meaning of the nature of the mind, and contains key points and instructions that evoke this recognition.

During the process of the Twelve Empowerments, we:

  1. Are introduced to open intelligence
  2. Harmonize relationships
  3. Gain increasing confidence in open intelligence
  4. Become confident with the innate powers of our body, speech and mind to be of benefit to others and ourselves

Once introduced to open intelligence, confidence in open intelligence increases by simply relying on open intelligence for short moments, many times, until it becomes continuously obvious. By the power of open intelligence, our approach to life begins to alter immediately, and we experience increasing soothing energy and, we gradually gain freedom from disturbing thoughts, emotions, sensations and experiences. Finally, we attain perfect mental stability, powerful open intelligence, skillful activities and profound insight.

Power of Benefit

Power of Benefit I is a series of trainings that further support gaining confidence in the open intelligence through the Four Mainstays and are available after completing the Twelve Empowerments. They eliminate all doubts about relying on open intelligence and the Four Mainstays and provide pivotal and unerring instruction for gaining assurance in open intelligence.

These texts empower your innate ability and the ability of everyone to bring about true community among the inhabitants of the world. The text contains vital knowledge that is essential to open intelligence, cooperation and peace.

After the 'Everyday Open Intelligence: Twelve Empowerments' training participants can join Power of Benefit I Trainings. From there on, the other trainings are not required to be taken in any sequential order. To continue with the Power of Benefit Training II participants need to complete at least 2 of the Power of Benefit I trainings and a recommendation from your Primary Trainer.

  • Short Moments
  • Natural Open Intelligence
  • Complete Empowerment
  • Open Intelligence
  • Openhearted Intelligence
  • Indestructible Benefit
  • Extract the Power
  • Clarity in Everyday Life
  • Indestructible Open Intelligence
  • Empowered Love and Relationship: Education in the Nature of Mind
  • Death Training
  • Twelve Empowerments Clarity Calls