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Singularity Is Here

As an intelligent entity embedded in universal intelligence, humans have access to all knowledge stored within this intelligence. All phenomena whatsoever, including humans, are the spontaneously present, indivisible, open dynamic energy of universal intelligence. However, humans house the intelligence of the universe in a usable way.

Through our technology, humans take command of an identity practice that brings forth powers of intelligence that are many orders of magnitude greater than the intelligence used by most people today. We simply activate the already installed software embedded in our intelligent entity. Rather than being a fixed datum, we are an ever-expansive intelligent entity fuelled by inexhaustible universal intelligence.


Our worldwide team of researchers has invented, described and implemented a fundamental solution to all problems in a far-reaching system and feature set comprised of algorithms, formulae and methods that are quickly becoming the basis of all fields of knowledge and of human existence. In a bold effort of participatory science, involving the actual users of the technology in the process of its scientific discovery, the Balanced View's solution unfurls a victory banner over an inexhaustible era of great benefit, sometimes referred to as singularity.

Read how other technologists have implemented the Four Mainstays in their life and work. If you are interested in collaborating with us in augmenting human intelligence for the benefit of all, please write to us describing your background and motivation in one paragraph.