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Leadership Is a Skill You Can Train up!

Balanced View Leadership Training provides a practical platform for activating the core competence of open intelligence, powerful clarity and keen insight which makes all other change possible, personal and collective.

Balanced View Leadership Training and Consulting provides a comprehensive range of services for people and organizations with a track record of successful innovation, in particular for leaders committed to the positive organizational and global social change brought about by the profound advantage of activating open intelligence innate to all human beings. All services have the central aim of supporting leaders to achieve the highest levels of success both within themselves and also throughout their organization and human society at large.


Leaders are directly empowered to focus upon and execute their vision through the alignment of people, culture and strategy within the core competence of open intelligence leading to positive organizational and social change.

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If you are interested in implementing a culture and operating structure based on opening intelligence in your organization, please write to us describing your background, current position and motivation in one paragraph.