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Soul Identity ... 1 year 7 months ago #6138


I must admit that I bought the book (One Simple Change Makes Life Easy) but I havent finished it yet.
Still, something is at odd with my NDE (near death experience). I felt like an open sky for sure...feeling like a focused point of energy with no boudaries all around....what seems very far in the distance was also a part of me....but I regained my own identity...I felt being me...more alive than ever...I was ME without a body....but I was not lost like a drop of water diluted in an ocean.
So it seems to me that Clarity/Open Intelligence can have different flavours....different identities....

What is your take on this???
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Soul Identity ... 1 year 7 months ago #6139

Hello :) Thank you so much for sharing your profound experience.

Clarity/open intelligence definitely has infinite flavours! In the Balanced View Training we call all possible flavours or descriptions "Data". This makes things beautifully simple. All data flow on by like a line drawn in water: they appear and resolve spontaneously and continuously with no effort required. In particular, the datum of a personal identity. This too is a datum that is sometimes apparent, sometimes not.

The key is in the inseparability of open intelligence and data the recognition of which comes about experientially through using the simple suggestions and practices of the Balanced View Training. Open intelligence and data are inseparable like the sky and the colour blue...

If you would like to test and experience this for yourself, I would very much recommend joining the "Bright" Facebook Group where you will find an incredible online offering of all aspects of the support system of Balanced View. In particular the "Be the Power" introductory course I think you would find to be very powerful in terms of clarifying the points you share in your post. Not intellectually but as a direct experience :)
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Soul Identity ... 1 year 5 months ago #6163

Thank you for your answer.
I understand what you mean by DATA. By now I finished the book and bought and read also Clarity In Everyday Life :)
In my experience with Clarity, I was not thinking at all...so there was no data.
I just felt I was still an individuality....Me.
I realise now that it doesn't really matter whether my soul is individual or not....I was still very much ALIVE.

I realised that I could empower the memory of this basic state...skylike...before I discovered the teaching and Short Moments Many Times. This confirmed the way out of my afflictive emotions.
So i am practicing resting in the basic state as much as i can.
I look forward to it being continuous. When i read that Candice at the beginning was soon able to rest in that awareness for 10 continuous days! I envy her. As yet I can't sustain Clarity very long.

BTW I am glad the books are free online....That's a great gift for humanity.
Since I believe in this teaching, as a way to contribute I felt compelled to buy the books :)
Many thanks to Candice O'Denver!!!
Thanks again Adrian for your message.
BTW are you Adrian Stephens??? if so...I must tell you I watched every video with Adrian Stephens from the Balanced View channel, and HE ROCKS!!!!
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Soul Identity ... 1 year 5 months ago #6164

Hello, thank you for your share :)

I am Adrian Stephens and I am glad you enjoy my talks - everything I share is due to my own practice of relying on the Four Mainstays and the endless support I have received from Candice and my own trainer.

Clarity and data are inseparable like the sky and the colour blue. Your data is clarity - it is impossible therefore to not be in clarity/open intelligence all of the time! This amazing perspective is already the case, we just start to recognize this more and more through our Four Mainstays practice.

Keep it simple, be gentle with yourself and enjoy the endless unfolding of increasing familiarity with our basis of open intelligence :) You might also consider joining the "Bright" Facebook Group. This is a powerful online group where all of the Four Mainstays are available as well as direct support from Balanced View trainers with any questions/insights you might have.
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