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TOPIC: Magical Mystery Tour Part 5 11th July 2016

Magical Mystery Tour Part 5 11th July 2016 2 years 6 months ago #5737

Subject: Magical mystery tour part 5. 11th July 2016

Most venerable Root Trainer
Dearest beloved Candice.

Today's transmission hit me in the forehead - straight between the eyes like a samurai sword, disintegrating all data with a single blow. One powerful swipe and it was 'off with my head!'

At certain points, I was simply paralysed and could not move. At certain points I felt like I was being morphed into you and then back again.

It wasn't a case of passively listening to the transformation, it was more a matter of being possessed by it - of pure embodiment.

At this moment I have no sense of a separate self and all I can see is light as each object. This blissful feeling of non-separation is different from ever before, in that it does not feel sensational - like a peak experience - but simply complete openness and the groundedness of pure Being itself, arising as 'me'.
Also, unlike previous glimpses, I've no desire to try to keep it, grasp it, or hold onto it; I see it only as the equalness and evenness of all experience. It is not a sense of specialness, or something that sets me apart whatsoever; in fact it's a deeply humbling recognition - simply the experiencing of my true nature as open intelligence, and both the ordinariness and the extraordinariness of that pure singularity. The humblingly simple nature of this is what I have gained from this transmission on the most profound level. And the complete un-necessity to try to preserve it.
I can't escape from it.

I have no words once again to express my thanks to you for this priceless gift of all gifts.
I just love you and I am your humble servant and completely devoted.
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