Candice O'Denver, Founder


“By coming to peace within and having permanent access to our greater comprehensive order of intelligence, we open up our great qualities and activities to be of benefit to all.”
Candice O'Denver


Candice O'Denver was born in 1947 and spent her early childhood in Bermuda before returning to the United States. When Candice was 7 years old, a Bermuda neighbor read her, “Awareness Nakedly Seeing” from the Oxford University translation of “The Tibetan Book of the Dead.” The clear perspective of mind as an inexhaustible open intelligence was newly invigorated in her upon hearing this important text. It gave Candice courage to continue in her firmly held belief that everything is beneficial by nature. She felt a strong urgency to bring unity to the people of the world through a standardized means of empowering all of humanity wherein its global gifts, strengths and talents open up to be used for the greatest benefit of all.


Candice studied in a Yale mathematics program for gifted children. At the age of 18, she attended a UCLA international program for young philosophers where she focused on the pragmatic application of philosophy to be of immediate, and permanent benefit. Bypassing undergraduate school, Candice was accepted into and completed graduate school, studying both critical theory and fine arts with a variety of professors at California College of the Arts, UC Berkeley, and Stanford.


Candice applies precise levels of organization and explanation used in computer science to arrive at specific results in the philosophy of mind, and has developed a comprehensive educational platform for studying the nature of intelligence. From her 44+ years innovating a comparative analysis of all systems designed to define human nature as well as a standardized comprehensive map for defining human nature in contemporary terms, Candice invented Balanced View, a standardized education in the nature of mind used throughout the world.

Balanced View’s unique methodology applies algorithms to reach the consistent result of the beneficial empowerment of mind, speech, body, qualities, and activities. The Balanced View community role models a life of respect, dignity and exaltation of all, harmonious relating, complete mental and emotional stability, peaceful qualities and activities, life satisfaction and flourishing and skillful action in all areas of life.


Candice is a formal lineage holder of the Nyingma and Kagyu and specifically has extensive empowerments, transmissions and permissions for Heart Essence Dzogchen. Nyingma is the preservation of the Ancient Translation School of the Sanskrit and Tibetan texts on the beneficial nature of all. These are considered to be great texts on the most skillful means to benefit all. Candice's root teachers: H.H. Minling Trichen Rimpoche and Venerable Wangdor Rimpoche along with significant teachers H.E. Thinley Norbu Rinpoche and Vidyhadhara Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.