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Being Made of Awesome
22 February 2015
Introduction to the Nature of Mind
Kathy Raysz
Open Meeting Talks

This is a talk with Kathy Raysz given in Goa, India

Quote from this talk: "Once introduced to open intelligence it is unavoidable."

So the introduction to being made of awesome: it’s almost unavoidable not to see it down there. It’s so blazingly big—being made of awesome. And it’s the same with open intelligence. So once introduced to open intelligence, it’s unavoidable. So the, “Stop thinking” Is a powerful introduction to open intelligence and open intelligence is the power to know. So when you stop thinking for a moment—just right now—there’s clarity and alertness and the power to know. And it’s present for everyone. And that introduction to open intelligence, it’s the greatest gift. It is the greatest gift as it opens up and reveals and empowers who we truly are, that intelligence that is, that really holds the power and the knowledge of the universe, in a usable way, us as human beings being able to use this power in every moment. But if we don’t know about it, then it goes unrecognized. And it’s a very simple way to look at it; it’s like either we just chose to look at all our thoughts, emotions and experiences and all the descriptions—like they’re sometimes so compelling, like money. Wow, so compelling: counting the money, thinking about money; but really there are so many other thoughts and emotions that we just jump on and then we describe and worry or think about it. So that’s one way of using the mind. The other way of using the mind is being introduced to open intelligence and recognizing that all these thoughts and emotions which are “data”—we call them data, data streams—are inseparable from open intelligence, from this intelligent system that is vast and open like sky. And this inseparability is like the sky and the color blue. It’s inseparable. And recognizing that in our experience just by—not thinking about it—but just by coming back here again and again and hearing the introduction to open intelligence, it becomes obvious. It’s like then being made of awesome is more and more obvious in our own experience. “Wow, that’s who I truly am.” So being made of awesome is you or you. It is the endless track—always on. It’s like, you can’t get even out of it actually because it is built in and the Four Mainstays is like, that’s the empowerment. It confirms open intelligence again and again. So that’s what we’re doing here: when we share our experience, when we come together to the Center here. Or online; or we offer the introductory teachings. Like today there is a one day training. What it does, it confirms open intelligence's power—beneficial power: benefit, benefit to all—and actually introduces us to that choice: we’re either going with all these thoughts and emotions or recognizing open intelligence without getting rid of thoughts and emotions, because they are inseparable from open intelligence. So the last like twenty sentences I spoke, they are very powerful. I just point it out. You know there are some words but there is more than words there. And it’s the introduction to open intelligence, it’s like, “Wow” You can hear it again and again and then when that’s obvious, it becomes more and more obvious in your experience just by showing up with the empowerment of the Four Mainstays. It’s an algorithm. It’s guaranteed because everyone is open intelligence, is being made of awesome. And recognizing that power, wow, it becomes more and more obvious just by showing up. Complete relaxation is the secret key. So short moment. Like with money is a perfect example because we really think the money thing we have to sort out, “No way to relax, that’s very irresponsible.” So then we just try to get good deals and it’s really like that, we try to get good deals and we save ten rupees and then you go back to your home country then you think, “Wow, I was just saving like two cents or something, got really worked up about it.” But it’s like, that’s why that’s a perfect opportunity here to rest with money data and all the bargaining, or you just come to Clarity Café, that’s how it start. But it’s also really good food. But just to go for it and see, “Wow, there’s a complete relaxation.” Open intelligence inseparable and it is not like complete relaxation meaning we are just like sitting there and doing nothing. It’s a very powerful complete relaxation. It’s confirming the power that we house as human beings. Makes it obvious. Because we don’t get caught up in all the thinking and the descriptions, because that’s a very limiting space. It’s disempowering and limiting to live from a space of descriptions. Without and ignoring open intelligence's beneficial power. So the most important choice is to recognize and confirm beneficial power and make it obvious in our experience, to use it to be of benefit to all. That includes our self, so we can sort out our money things in a completely open and clear way, knowing what the situation is but not being worked up about, “Do I pay now one dollar, two dollars? It’s like fifty cent, rupees or a hundred rupees.” So there’s just like an opening and a complete relaxation. The ability to recognize limitless power that is just totally devoted to the benefit of all, that when we look into the world or we just look at ourselves, we know instinctively that that’s who we are and that’s what is needed. Like, just imagine everybody would know being made of awesome. But in a way that is for the benefit of all. ‘Cause like the video said before, we are amazing, powerful, beneficial creatures. Beings that have so much power and ability to innovate, to be creative for the benefit of all and to use that. ‘Cause if we think we are just like a person in the skin line and all these thoughts and emotions: you can see how limiting that is. Because we have so unpredictable data, like data of failure. Data of failure. That can immediately limit, “Not good enough, I didn’t do this.” But when open intelligence is on, solutions and power is on. Then, like that brilliant exercise we did just with Kyle before, looking at that thought trying to keep it in place, you see the nature of all data. It’s pure potency. So we don’t even have to get rid of failure data, like just try to get some more and see the beneficial liveliness of open intelligence, because it gets you going for the benefit of all. Like really being angry, disappointed, mad, what else? Also sad and that’s the power. That share about recognizing sadness and happiness at once, that’s what becomes more and more obvious when introduced to open intelligence—it’s not that we don’t feel these things of sadness and anger, the unpredictable data display, every day. Every day, all day long there is a stream of thoughts and emotions and experiences that has inseparable from that alive power that you just recognized just now. And we are just gaining confidence and familiarity with it, just getting used to it basically. And getting used to this power and to use it for the benefit of all, so that just takes care of everything, because then you don’t search anymore to try to fix yourself. Recognizing being made of awesome. Burning off all data and being made of awesome. And then if you want to hear the endless track—being made of awesome track—then you can come, tonight. And the powerful visuals—that’s the Massive Vibe Live—it’s the music, complete empowerment, the visuals confirm who we are. The entire show shows that there are no limitations, no limitations whatsoever. And introducing to this power that we are. So hearing music and hearing talks like that or being just, like even without words it’s obvious that there is something about us that is powerful, potent and limitless. And we all know that somehow, instinctively, we don’t really buy into all these, Candice says, “A line of B-S”—disempowerment. We don’t really, really actually think that that’s what we are made of. But it’s like just a simple training that we put ourselves through. So the introduction to open intelligence and the Four Mainstays empowerment system confirm that power and make it obvious in our experience. So testing it out would be with the one day training today; that would be amazing. And just showing up and then it’s obvious for me. I walked into a meeting—I had no idea what it was about, about ten years ago. Amazing. Never to be forgotten. Couldn’t forget open intelligence. So kept coming back even though I didn’t understand. But something I knew was true about it. Not limited by any tradition, religion, belief system, nothing to believe but just to test out in our own experience— it’s amazing.

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