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Introduction To Open Intelligence
25 February 2013
Introduction to the Nature of Mind
Kathy Raysz
Goa, India - 2013

Talk given at the Balanced View Center in Goa

"You see that there is something about you that is always present right there, an alertness and power to know."

The introduction to open intelligence is what you hear here. And then, in addition to that, the tools to make it obvious in our own life. And that’s what we share here.

What is open intelligence? First of all, we are powerful creatures—wow!—powerful human beings. Our mind is vast like the sky and our mind is entirely beneficial. The mind is not only between our ears, it’s vast like sky, it’s an opening intelligence. It’s inseparable from everything; it’s vast, it’s powerful and it’s beneficial. And you can have a look right now, while we are sitting in these chairs, you and me and Inbal and everybody, there is something very powerful. And that is our own opening intelligence.

So we don’t have to get it; we’re not getting a package of open intelligence now. You’re recognizing and confirming open intelligence right now in your own direct experience, so there’s nothing to get.

Yet, we have spent our whole life emphasizing and focusing on all our thoughts, emotions and experiences—and we call that data.  In that emphasizing and focusing, open intelligence went totally unnoticed. We did not notice that we have this vast power—opening intelligence—within us, as us, and ready to go. It’s right there for use to be of benefit to all. And to get to know that in my experience was incredible because I had lived a life of making myself small, or limited by all these descriptions, like these thoughts emotions and experiences. Just one example could be, “Oh, I’m depressed. I’m not good enough. I can’t do this.” So these are just some little examples of data naming; we could have a whole list but we don’t have time. 

You can see all these data—all these thoughts and emotions and experiences—what are they? We’re getting to know the true nature of all these thoughts and emotions and experiences; so we’re not sitting here to trying to get rid of them. Here you hear every morning—“Stop thinking, what remains?” And that is a powerful introduction to opening intelligence because you see that there’s something about you that’s always present. Right here, an alertness; a power to know, that is inseparable from all thoughts, emotions, and experiences; inseparable like the color blue and the sky.

And, that is a powerful insight to see. We are not coming here trying to get rid of anything. We are introduced to something about us that is always present; that which can’t be taken away and can’t be gotten. We are confirming it and acknowledging it after a lifetime of ignoring open intelligence by emphasizing all these thoughts and emotions; we now see all of these data correctly by recognizing that their ultimate definition is opening intelligence.

And that’s what we are recognizing, instinctively, just by hearing these talks. By the power of the Four Mainstays, instinctive recognition is evoked in our own experience. We can practice and test that in our daily life: with children, while we’re cooking, while we’re talking, while we’re washing up, while we are sick or whatever is going on. All these thoughts, emotions and experiences are all inseparable from opening intelligence.

And when you take the instruction of short moments of open intelligence, repeated many times, until it becomes continuous, then you recognize that that is true in your own experience; that there’s something about you that’s always there—stable, alert and unaffected—but doesn’t look a certain way.

And then we have all our ideas about open intelligence—so that’s the next good topic. Once introduced to open intelligence, we come to that topic; I was waiting to get there because I can share a little bit about that. So we think, “Oh, opening intelligence. Yes! Such a great thing so now everything is amazing.” And, it is actually; it is like that. But, at first we think everything has to be only positive states of bliss or no thought, and when something negative comes in, “Uh-oh, where’s that open intelligence gone?” We are looking for it.

So, that’s where the power of the Four Mainstays come in, to support and confirm; they are available to empower you to see clearly when all these negative states come up. And we talked about jealousy and hatred and, what else do we have? Feeling sick or bored or just uncomfortable. You know, all these things—annoyed—that’s a good one, right? So, all these things arise and now it’s up to you; now it’s your choice.  Do I go with all these descriptions or not? And then we just recognize open intelligence and see the data and the descriptions as inseparable from open intelligence.

There is no need to try to get rid of all these data, because they are powerful benefit; so you would get rid of powerful beneficial energy.  It’s inseparable from opening intelligence. There is no opening intelligence alone and someone sitting there, free of all these data.  It’s inseparable. And don’t think about that; so when I came I tried to think about it, but that’s too much. So just come back a couple of times and that will become obvious in your experience, that everything that comes up in your daily life—and daily life is perfect for that because we have so much going on in daily life whether we have kids or don’t have kids or we have partners or no partner—everything is a perfect opportunity to recognize opening intelligence as the basis of everything. And we confirm that along the way.

And the Four Mainstays empower that. So, if short moments seems like, “I can’t get my head around that,” you shouldn’t! Your mind is so vast. Then, you use all the other Mainstays: coming to the Trainings and asking questions there. Or just listening, really; just listening and then reading the text—powerful text that evoke opening intelligence— because it’s your birthright. It’s who you are, that’s why it’s not complicated; it’s there, we have just overlooked it for many, many years.

There are so many methods out there for trying to be happy and to feel good. And I also tried these methods of trying to have no thoughts or just focusing on certain sensations and then meditating at least three times a day and then sometimes ten hours a day. And then afterward, I would go out (I was in India), and somebody wants fifty rupees more for something and I got really angry, after ten days of thinking, “Oh, now I got it, and everything is now nice and pristine,” and then comes all this anger and then your just overwhelmed and think, “Oh my god, what did I just do?” Blurted because of one dollar, basically. You know, this really made me think, “Something’s missing. Yeah, something’s missing! How can this be?” And then I came to these meetings.

I came to this Open Meeting and heard what is immediately beneficial; that it wasn’t something I need to get or I have to wear or I have to do, other than to recognize it in my own direct experience. And testing it out, so that’s up to me; to test it out and to see, “Oh, Balanced View Training offers a support network and system that empowers only that.”

And you heard about the Four Mainstays, that short moments are always with you. So when you’re at home in your daily life, and you do things you like to do and things you don’t like to do; all day long, it’s like that, right? Some things we like, some we don’t. And then, we have the short moments. And, we can test it right there; that’s very powerful.

And then, we come to Trainings; that’s the second Mainstay. 

And I’m just listing it because it’s powerful to hear. How can I get to know open intelligence in myself? And so the Four Mainstays are the tools to do so. And I’m sharing my experience of just immersing myself into that, like Inbal also shared earlier. We just jump in and test it out, like a good scientist.

And then, the trainer supports exactly that—complete empowerment.  The trainer doesn’t see you and think, “Oh you can’t do it. It’s not for you and it’s like that.” No, you’re powerful and it’s our birthright. And so the trainer can help to confirm that in your experience.

And then, the community. By coming here and seeing people relying on opening intelligence, you know it’s also for you. And you also see something that is very attractive here; seeing people being of immediate benefit. And we had these nice examples today. We had the small tech situation, and you could make a whole story out of it. But no way! Why? I mean, what is of immediate benefit? Everybody just does what’s needed; whoever is responsible responds. And then, we found a solution, because it didn’t continue on. Okay, so that’s for today, and then we start earlier tomorrow. 

I mean, I’m making a very simple example here; that’s all very natural to us. But it shows how everything flows on by; all the thoughts, “Oh why did I do this? Why did that happen?  What should we do?” And this is powerful benefit; we just focus on what would serve. Now, in this meeting, where we are a hundred people wanting to talk about open intelligence and to hear about open intelligence, everything just turns around into powerful benefit. And every situation on Earth can be like that—in ourselves and everywhere we are.

By not focusing on the problems we step up to see that we are powerful people—powerful human beings—that have the power to be of immediate benefit and that we have all the knowledge of the universe to respond and to create solutions that are for the benefit of all.

That’s incredible to hear, and then you know that’s you. You have to know that it’s you. We don’t have time anymore to think, “Oh, it’s not me, its them,” and then, “I’m not good enough.”  Everyone is more than good enough; like, exalted and powerful to be of amazing benefit.

And you test that out here because sometimes it can seem like a big mountain to climb. But you test it in exactly that short moment where it is immediately beneficial because you’re not going down that road; you’re not emphasizing definitions that just limit you and other people into a certain kind of description. And it could be good descriptions, but even that’s not good enough; you know, like just being happy or just having positive thoughts. And I have tested that out in my experience as well; just having positive thoughts, even that is limiting. Because what do you do when you wake up in the morning and have a negative thought? You think something’s wrong. But with opening intelligence, everything is an opportunity, so there’s nothing wrong. Everything is the opportunity for immediate benefit. Do you see what an empowered perspective that is?

For me, my life completely changed from being limited—from thinking I can’t do anything in my life that has a great effect and being sad about the world being in a situation like that—to seeing that I and all people are capable of making a difference in the world that is of benefit to all. And to know that that’s immediately available by tapping into our natural resource—to our power to be of benefit—and to train that up.

And that’s why the Balanced View Training is here—to empower every single human being to be of immediate benefit instead of a life of disempowerment by going down that road of violence and making ourselves small. This is our choice and this is what we are introduced to and what we train up in everyday that we come here.

Every day I come here, I love listening to everyone’s share and just seeing how powerful everyone is. This confirms that we are all innately powerful. It’s just the best life ever living like that—a life of benefit.

Even if today is your first Open Meeting and you say, “Okay, well how?” Then, just come back. I said exactly the same in my first Open Meeting. That was in Rishikesh, India; the Balanced View Training is going to Rishikesh now, too. And in Rishikesh, India, walking into that first Open Meeting, there were just a few people. And, not knowing what was said, but knowing, “Okay, I want to know that.” And then, coming back. And then, testing it out. 

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