Balanced View Centers

Balanced View participants all over the world come together in building communities and creating potent Open Intelligence society.

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Our main Centers at present are:

Balanced View Center Emmaljunga, Sweden

Sweden CenterThis Center was donated in 2007 and serves as our major year round residential Training Center. The Center sits on 4 acres of land in southern Sweden. It is approximately 2 hours from the Copenhagen airport, 6 hours from Stockholm and 8 hours from Oslo, Norway.

The Center has four main houses: one house has a commercial restaurant kitchen with a dining hall that accommodates 60-75 people at a time. Above the dining hall is a separate living space which can accommodate up to 20 people. Adjacent to the dining hall and kitchen is our main office area. In the basement we have a bakery and laundry facility. The second housing structure has 27 rooms which can sleep upwards of 85 people. There are several training rooms, bathrooms and 2 kitchenette areas. In the basement we have a sauna, recreation room and several storage spaces.

The third residential structure has a separate kitchen area, 3 full bathrooms and one-half bath, a large training room, smaller office space, a separate sitting area and 8 bedrooms. The fourth structure serves as our main meeting space which can hold up to 140 people. There is also a cafe and upstairs sitting/office area, in the basement there is a large storage room, music room and gym. There is large organic garden on the property as well as a beautiful area for camping.


We currently offer four main participant Gatherings each year. The Spring, Autumn and Winter Gatherings are each two weeks and the Summer Gathering is six weeks and is traditionally started off with a 2 week Training with Candice. We also offer many Trainings over extended week-ends throughout the year. Currently, Jochen Raysz is the President of the Board of the Non-Profit Association (Ideell Förening). You can reach Jochen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Balanced View Center Goa, India

Goa Center

This Center was established in November 2010 and is operational from December-March each year. The Center consists of three buildings situated on a very quiet and secluded piece of land and a short 7 minute walk to the beach. There are five training spaces in total, all open-air including two rooftops, two beautiful garden spaces and a large Open Meeting space surrounded by a beautiful cashew grove. The main outdoor space can accommodate up to 200 participants. Clarity Kitchen is fully operational serving delicious meals, beverages and desserts daily.

The Center and its surroundings are kept clean and pristine with a recycling system. Community events with music and food, movie nights and cozy dinner evenings are held throughout the season. Onsite housing is not available however plenty of affordable housing options are within walking distance. Our full array of Trainings are offered every day from 10:30am-5:30pm.

Schedules: Season 2016/2017
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Balanced View Center Northern California, USA

North California CenterThis Center in California, established in 2006, is the site of the global Balanced View headquarters. It serves as a full time residence and is used primarily for management and board meetings. It also periodically serves the local community as the site for invitation only trainings with Candice. We are currently upgrading the Center to become a permanent live-work space for the management team. Visits to the Center are by invitation only. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Benefit Island - Balanced View Center in Second Life

benefit island“Benefit Island” is the location of our virtual Balanced View Center in Second Life. This is a truly international Center that provides a convenient, easy and completely safe way for participants to meet together to join in sharing OI’s beneficial potency, no matter where we are located on the globe. Whether it is Open Meetings, written Trainings or Community Video and Book Meetings, there is always something going on to support gaining confidence in OI and the benefit of all. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and our team of helpers will be happy to take you through the simple steps required to become part of our thriving virtual O.I. community.