Spontaneous Altruism

In-dwelling benefit is activated as spontaneous altruism. Inherent open intelligence and benefit are continuous.

An Inexhaustible Flow

The open intelligence training media unerringly presses the reset button again and again until all of human society is automatically and continuously reset to open intelligence potency and thrives on an inexhaustible flow of new media presentations on open intelligence.

A Single Short Moment

In very great open intelligence society, all afflictive circumstances are increasingly outshone by each individual’s powerful commitment to a single short moment of open intelligence.


We as human beings are completely relentless in our capacity to discover and to comprehend our own life and to comprehend the world we live in because of our very alive, active intelligence.

Amazing Power of Benefit Trainings in April (Updated)

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Beneficial Potency of Afflictive States

Anja Enstrom and Adrian Stephens
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