The Core Value

Open intelligence is the core value of society, and its principles are universal.

Inexhaustible Open Intelligence Potency

Open intelligence’s beneficial potency is the essential nature and identity of all. It is the human lineage’s beneficial power and open intelligence juice. It is entrusted to everyone. It is the profound meaning. Use these instructions to grow in inexhaustible open intelligence potency.

Beneficial, Prosperous, Generous Conduct

Open intelligence’s resultant beneficial, prosperous, generous conduct is due to breaking the seal of data-referencing with the superior instruction set of short moments.

Welcome to Extract the Power 14, Bristol 4-8 May

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From 4-8 May we will be holding the 14th Extract the Power in Bristol. Twice a year international Trainers and global Community gather for world-changing trainings in open intelligence.

Every gathering takes my assurance and empowerment to the next level. Open intelligence’s inexhaustible power becomes more obvious. Taking part in Power of Benefit trainings feels like an exploration of what it is to be human at this time, normalising data that feel limiting for me and countless other beings. Thank you for this awesome gathering and opportunity to receive these teachings. Thank you Candice!” - UK Participant


Open Intelligence Shines

Open intelligence shines with love devotion’s powerful beneficial qualities and activities.