Outshone By Open Intelligence

There are only four means of relating to data: indulge it, avoid it, replace it or clarify it. Only by the power of clarification of data are they outshone by open intelligence.

Increasing Beneficial Power

Open intelligence is the most important choice. By relying on open intelligence, there is increasing beneficial power. By relying on data, there is increasing confusion and tension.

Rely on Open Intelligence

Rely on open intelligence rather than data; it is as simple as that. All thoughts, emotions, sensations and other experiences are simply data pervaded by open intelligence. Rely on open intelligence or rely on data.

Enjoy the Winter Gathering at the Sweden Center: Part 1 Dec 29-1 Jan, Part 2 Jan 2-7

Small Winter G 1

We are looking forward to another joyous and empowering Winter Gathering together with the global community at our beautiful Center in Southern Sweden. There will be introductory trainings for those who are new to the Balanced View Training and Power of Benefit trainings for those who have completed the Twelve Empowerments. Please see training schedule with application links listed below and more information on our Facebook event.


Open Intelligence is Unaffected

The power of open intelligence shows that thoughts, emotions, sensations and experiences are simply data within open intelligence. This can be illustrated by the way planets and stars appear within the expanse of space. Similarly, data—thoughts, emotions, sensations and experiences—appear within open intelligence. And just like space is unaffected by any event within it, open intelligence is unaffected by its data—thoughts, emotions, sensations and experiences.