Like a Line Drawn in Water

Now, all data whatsoever—positive, negative and neutral—are self-recognized as open intelligence and leave no trace, like a line drawn in water.

Continuous and Obvious

Recognize open intelligence at all times and in all places. In short moments, many times, open intelligence is instinctively recognized as continuous and obvious, the nature of all data.

Instinctive Recognition

Instinctive recognition of open intelligence; this is the first key point.

The Nature of All Appearances

Remain continuously in open intelligence, acknowledging it as the nature of all appearances.

Enjoy Spring at the Sweden Center

 Spring Gathering April 8-17

SG Blogg 2

Many friends from all over the world share how inspiring it is to participate in the gatherings at the Sweden Center. The Spring Gathering is coming up with empowering trainings, amazing Easter feast and cosy time in the cafe with surprises. The Center is run by the Balanced View Center Non-profit Association. During the gathering we will have the Annual meeting of the Association, which is a perfect opportunity to get to know more about the running of the Center and future plans.

"The Sweden Center is like a true home for me. Here is where I meet my heart family, where the best trainings take place in a beautiful natural environment. It is the most peaceful place I know, filled with so much love and care. This is the place where I learned to cook and bake for hundreds of people; where I jump out of bed at 4 am in the morning because I can’t wait to get to the bakery; where I learned to work together with people from all over the world in harmony – not ever have I heard a word of criticism in the 7 years I have been coming. Each year I try to come 2-3 times for as long as possible. It is a truly magical place of love and abundance for everyone." Inka from Germany.