Our most comprehensive intelligence—open intelligence—is the only source of beneficial open-ended knowledge creation.

Open-Intelligence Society

It is only within the last few years that it has become clear that the intelligence of the universe is housed in human beings in a usable way. We need to really make use of that discovery, and the way we make use of it is for each one of us individually to contribute to open-intelligence society.

Primordially Pure Intelligence

We human beings hold the knowledge of the universe in a usable way, and we now know that to be the case. The thinking about ourselves as being subject to an original flaw, sin or karmic influence is saturated with the primordially pure intelligence which beneficially and inexhaustibly releases such limiting conceptual frameworks.

Spontaneously Altruistic Nature

It is open intelligence and its spontaneously altruistic nature—the most comprehensive order of intelligence and existence—that is providing for an evolution that is subsuming reification.

Total Indestructibility

We see that there is a total indestructibility at our basis and that it is extremely potent and forceful and that nothing can knock it off-balance.