We are awed by how obvious open intelligence is and amazed that it has always been present within us, even though we may not have recognized it. We find that it is filled with inexhaustible, indestructible good fortune.

Innate Intelligence

As open intelligence becomes increasingly constant, we find that it has an immense power we never dreamt possible. There is the power to invent, innovate, solve problems and act skillfully in all situations. When it is recognized that this innate intelligence resolves our personal problems, the conviction begins to emerge that it has the power to solve the problems of the world as well.

Pure Wisdom Magic: Two Gatherings with Candice O'Denver in California

We are excited to announce…

unnamed'Pure Wisdom Magic’ Trainings with Candice March 23 - 26 and May 18 - 21 in San Rafael, California. Please join us in beautiful Northern California for powerful three day residential Trainings and opportunities to be with Candice. See information pages below with all the details including prerequisites, application/registration, location and accommodations, schedule and contributions.

March Information Page and Registration


Everything Rests in Natural Perfection

Thoughts, emotions and sensations just flow along doing whatever they do. This is the key point. Everything rests in natural perfection.

The Natural Flow

If we have positive data, that’s fine. If we have negative data, that’s fine. There is no need to control the natural flow of data. Place the emphasis on open intelligence—that’s all.