Pristinely Pure Liveliness

Relaxed and potent indivisibility is the crucial factor. With nothing to pick out or choose as independent, all is settled in pristinely pure liveliness, the most comprehensive, all-pervading openness of an intelligence pumped with optimal beneficial capacity.

Free of elaborations

In open intelligence, free of elaborations, where could there be confusion of its identity; where could there be an independent datum?


We have far more capability and capacity than we ever thought possible to be of benefit to ourselves and to each other, and that will only become more and more evident, outshining all outdated habits of intelligence.

A Vast Expanse

We human beings may feel in some ways special and unique, but we live in and as a vast expanse of open intelligence with many realms and universes, and this human realm is just one of them—a very tiny speck amongst countless realms.


Our most comprehensive intelligence—open intelligence—is the only source of beneficial open-ended knowledge creation.