Core Value

There are already many people around the world who have decided that open intelligence is their core value and that it is what they hold most dear.

The Core Value

By virtue of being human, we have the right to the open-intelligence view, and it is up to us to recognize open intelligence as the core value of society; otherwise, we will have a life of ambivalence at best.

Great Exaltation

The great exaltation of human life is unendingly forging ahead.


Even if we live in a country that is burdened by repression and censorship, there is no way anyone can take away our power of indestructible open intelligence or direct access to education in the nature of mind.

Inalienable Right

This open intelligence that we each hold is our birthright. It is the most basic of human rights that no one can ever take away from us. It is an inalienable right; it cannot be violated or taken away.