Open Intelligence Provides

Open intelligence provides for society a standard of immediate and long term benefit including complete mental and emotional stability, profound insight, potent compassion, beneficial relating, optimal health, economic certainty, spontaneous ethics, beneficial speech, solution-oriented action, spontaneous motivation to benefit all, consistent power to fulfill beneficial creative intent, pristine environment and pervasive mutual harmony.

The Inalienable Right

Innate open intelligence is the inalienable right of everyone regardless of circumstances or background.

The Core Value

Open intelligence is the core value of society, and its principles are universal.

Inexhaustible Open Intelligence Potency

Open intelligence’s beneficial potency is the essential nature and identity of all. It is the human lineage’s beneficial power and open intelligence juice. It is entrusted to everyone. It is the profound meaning. Use these instructions to grow in inexhaustible open intelligence potency.

Beneficial, Prosperous, Generous Conduct

Open intelligence’s resultant beneficial, prosperous, generous conduct is due to breaking the seal of data-referencing with the superior instruction set of short moments.