Natural Perfection

By the power of open intelligence, the burden of changing the flow of data is relieved and natural perfection is instinctively recognized. Open intelligence is free in its natural perfection.

True Confidence

True confidence is instinctive realization of openhearted open intelligence—knowing how to rely on open intelligence in any data-stream. By the power of open intelligence, we are no longer afraid of ourselves.

Complete Ease

There is complete ease, alertness, clarity, insight and openheartedness in whatever happens. Everything is simple—more simple than simple.

Open Intelligence

No matter what data occurs, there is nothing for it to achieve. It cannot cause any harm, because its essence is immediately recognized as being open intelligence. It resolves spontaneously, with nothing needing to be done.

Open Intelligence is Complete

A short moment of open intelligence is complete. It is free from involvement in hope and fear, ups and downs and other extremes of data.