Empower 2017 with a Training or New Clarity Call

Happy New Year!

Are you ready to take the next step and tap into the vast capacity of your natural intelligence? We are happy to announce the upcoming Clarity Calls, Online Introductory Training and Twelve Empowerments for January 2017 on Fuze video-conference and at our Training Centers in Sweden and India.

Center In Sweden: now - January 7th

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Open Intelligence is Complete

A short moment of open intelligence is complete. It is free from involvement in hope and fear, ups and downs and other extremes of data.

Beneficial Skillfulness

We as a global human culture have tapped into a form of knowledge that can give us complete mental and emotional stability, insight, compassion, natural ethics and beneficial skillfulness in all situations.

Our True Potential

By the power of open intelligence, we become natural and spontaneous. We relate with warmth and directness, and reveal our true potential to be of incredible benefit to ourselves and others without any contrivance.

Natural Ease

The natural ease of open intelligence is wide open in all data. It is absolute simplicity and spaciousness of mind.