One Simple Choice

By persisting in this one simple choice, benefits are seen from the outset. The flow of data
is not altered. Everything is left simply as it is.

The Most Important Choice

We choose for open intelligence to be obvious to us or not. Moment-
to-moment open intelligence is the most important choice we make.
The first time the choice is made to rely on open intelligence rather
than emphasizing data, there is a sense of the great power of
complete relief to be found in open intelligence.

Open Like a Clear Sky

Rest the mind and body naturally, without pushing away data,
without seeking anything. This is all that is required, whether activity
is strenuous, relaxed or in-between. What remains is luminous clarity
and alertness that is open like a clear sky.

Increasingly Evident

Open intelligence, relaxed and enormously potent, is the source of
mental and emotional stability, insight and skillful qualities and
activities. By the power of instinctive recognition of open intelligence,
these become increasingly evident.

Open Intelligence

It makes no difference what data-streams arise. In open intelligence,
they vanish naturally, leaving no trace, like a line drawn in the sky.