An Inexhaustible Flow

The open intelligence training media unerringly presses the reset button again and again until all of human society is automatically and continuously reset to open intelligence potency and thrives on an inexhaustible flow of new media presentations on open intelligence.

Rely on Open Intelligence

Rely on open intelligence rather than data; it is as simple as that. All thoughts, emotions, sensations and other experiences are simply data pervaded by open intelligence. Rely on open intelligence or rely on data.

Open Intelligence is Unaffected

The power of open intelligence shows that thoughts, emotions, sensations and experiences are simply data within open intelligence. This can be illustrated by the way planets and stars appear within the expanse of space. Similarly, data—thoughts, emotions, sensations and experiences—appear within open intelligence. And just like space is unaffected by any event within it, open intelligence is unaffected by its data—thoughts, emotions, sensations and experiences.

Gaining Assurance

The Four Mainstays always support us in gaining assurance in open intelligence and remind us to empower ourselves. Upon recognition of instinctive open intelligence, it increases in potency throughout your lifespan.

We Keep it Simple

We keep it simple: Short moments, many times.