Innate Perfection: Nina - 8.26.13


A talk with Nina Sandli given at an Open Meeting in Oslo, Norway.
Quote from this talk: "You are already innately perfect."

In this Training we really learn to know ourselves exactly as we are and we are totally supported to see that for ourselves. For a whole lifetime we have learned to believe in different ideas about our self and actually not testing if it was true. Am I that shy person? Am I that lonely person? Am I that angry person? Am I this, that and the other? We just started to build ideas, when in fact we are everything. Right now, we can be everything. Right now, we can feel completely lonely. Right now, we can feel completely confident. Right now, we can feel so oppressed and so low in self-confidence.

So, we can really have mastery in all experiences that are possible for us right here, right now. And in this Training we make it so, so simple. We say that you are already innately perfect; already you have complete wisdom on how to act, how to decide and how to speak that is of most benefit in each situation. And if you try to think about that right now you will never figure it out. That expression is completely spontaneous, dynamic and unpredictable. But you learn more and more to trust that wisdom and that makes life so easy. When we don't need to think about how to live our life then we can simply trust that it is safe to live with it as it is. And to live life as it is means allowing ourselves to be as we are.

When we have a thought right now that we are worth nothing, we hate ourselves—self-hate, internalized oppression—know that that's just normal, and there isn't anything in that thought if you don't take it to be something special and something that only you have. We no longer isolate ourselves into an identity where only ‘I am feeling lonely, only I have this self-hate.” Rather in this Training, we are actually supported to take short moments of open intelligence. And we call that state of your natural perfection, open intelligence. Because it's just an innate wisdom and intelligence that knows all of this and we can sink into that anytime, anywhere. And right now we can do that.

You don't need to believe in your ideas about yourself. Instead, relax body and mind for short moments and just see that all is fine. You see that the thought is appearing. Where did it come from? I tried for so many years to figure out why I have the thoughts I have. Why do I have the emotions I have? Where are all these coming from? Who can I blame? I put so much energy into that. It didn't give me any answers. Only very short-term, short-lived assurances, until some other idea came and then the other idea became wrong. And so it's like an endless game.

Thoughts and emotions, they come unpredictably. You can never figure that out and there's nothing wrong with having exactly the thoughts and emotions you have right now, nothing wrong with that. What's wrong is to think it's wrong. So that's what happens in short moments, you just relax with yourself as you are and that's the greatest gift to give to yourself. That is a short moment. It doesn't require special situations to take a short moment. It just requires your own remembrance of it. To just tap into your innate perfection right now, and wherever. And we repeat it. In this Training we call all these thoughts and emotions, data. Sounds boring maybe but that's all there is: information, sensations, memories from the past, desires future longings, dreams, things, places, people, relationships, all of this dynamic energy, data streaming through you.

Do you want to let it just stream through you or do you want to stop it, change it, manipulate it, get rid of it? You know, it takes a lot of energy to go in there and change all of that but it requires training to let it stream through you naturally, because no one showed that to us before. At least no one showed me that it was safe to just let it flow. And I can just go on with my life. I can talk to people while things are flowing. Even if I hate someone, these thoughts and emotions may arise in me but I can still be with that person and talk with that person. Before it was impossible, but now when I just relax for short moments in these situations it's completely possible.

But I know it because I have tested it directly and practically, in my own life. So, you can only borrow trust and inspiration from others that have tested short moments in different situations. That's why we are together, we ask all questions from all daily life and we borrow trust from each other. It is so beautiful to do that.

I remember in my life, in the beginning after I was introduced to see myself as open intelligence, to see myself as ‘Wow’, it's true, I can let all my data be as it is. And I see that they are just dynamic and they don't leave any trace like a line drawn in water.  They are just there and then gone. And there isn't anything left until they come again unpredictably. And in the beginning it was really a time to be gentle with myself and to get used to see that this was safe.

So, when I started to really try to figure out what a short moment was and I tried to see, “Oh it should feel like this or I should behave like this or it should be a certain way,” I realized that I used my intelligence the old way; I was trying to contrive something, I was trying to look for something. So, it didn't work. Then I said, “Okay holiday time Nina, no more thinking about this. Your whole life you have been trained to use your mental activity to think about yourself and think, think, think, okay holiday, short moment, I am not going to bother anymore.”

But I am going to follow the instructions from the trainers that say to show up to the Training. Whenever I listened to a talk it was equal to a short moment, whenever I was reading a text or a book, it was a short moment. Whenever I came to an open meeting it was a short moment. Whenever I called into a clarity call it was a short moment. So, that was helpful for me. I was so used to judging myself, self-oppression. I wanted to do this short moment so well. So I could tell my trainer I was doing so well.

But it just got messy and I'm so happy I had that openness to say, “Okay, I'm not going to think about that now.” And more and more you will see that the short moments are actually you seeing yourself as perfect as you are and loving yourself as you are, even when feeling the worst afflictions.

So, the short moments are not for the afflictions to go away but the short moments are there for you to feel completely safe while experiencing your life as it is, including the afflictions. So, in my own experience it was a shift—a gradual shift to see that. Until now, I can say I love my afflictions, or I love my depression. It sounds wrong, you know? But it is true for me; it's true in another way. It's true in a way that I so much appreciate the ability to be so intimately connected with myself just as I am. Because I have seen that the more I see myself as I am, the more I can see everyone as they are and the more I can be of support to other people the more I can deeply connect and deeply understand others. And that's what we all long for— that is the belonging—that's how we feel so connected to everyone and everything, because we have seen the world through ourselves.

So, there can be moments where we feel really sad about the past and there can be people in our life that had a certain role before and they don't have that anymore or we can see our behaviors our whole life on display. It can come as anything randomly, memories, but it is so clear to me now that it is as simple as with any other datum, just relax body and mind for short moments, keeping it simple and ‘Wow!’

This is a treasure. All of our relationships that we ever had, all our memories, all the things we thought we had done wrong because we didn't rely on open intelligence while we said this or did that, and we judge ourselves. Not only do we judge ourselves, and what we do now, but we also judge ourselves for what we did in the past. But this is the treasure. This is how we can deeply understand people having similar memories and similar life stories.

I remember one time Candice said that we are the lucky group to have the mind before and after; to have a mind that is used to reifying, a mind that is used to taking things so personally and used to controlling data. We know how that feels so deeply. There is so much great benefit to know deeply the pain of isolating ourselves into data and thinking “I'm the only one feeling this,” while, in fact, the whole world is feeling this.

So, the short moments are opening up our experience from the personalized identity box. Just opening it up to see, “Oh Nina, it's not about you and your data, you are not alone with this data.” It is very clear in my own experience that I could never share how I feel about myself and my data today and how it is more and more open and devoted to the benefit of all. When I see myself and I see things I hate about myself, or I see things that I fear about myself, I know that if I just let it flow on by I can support anyone, anywhere, feeling that same emotion, thinking that same thought because I have done it myself. That is why no one can take those short moments for us.

In Balanced View we have a support network that we call the Four Mainstays, which is essential in supporting you to let your data be as it is. One Mainstay is the trainer. It is very important to have role models that have taken those steps before you and said, “Oh I tried to take short moments when I felt so lonely and I thought I was going to die and I thought it wouldn't be possible but it was possible.” Or anything could be any example. And the more calls you are on, the more trainings, the more meetings, the more examples, the more support you have. That was my experience and that is my experience.

The Balanced View global community, another Mainstay, represent a group of people who are testing short moments and really getting to know ourselves as we truly are as human beings. We have so many trainings, which is another Mainstay; you can participate in trainings face-to-face or online. We have so many books and videos online that are freely available so we can make self-study. And the short moments, the one simple instruction is another Mainstay.

Everyone in Balanced View has their own personal trainer. I couldn't believe that it was possible to be supported like this in society today, but it is due to all of us giving that support to each other in pure gratitude for the support that we have received. When I realized this, I think I cried for days. It was so touching that people were so available to support me and only wanted me to flourish in my life, to feel safe in my life, to feel powerful and to see my special gifts, strengths and talents that I can contribute. There are no hidden agendas here like, “Oh no, no, no, I'm not going to show her what talents I have because you know I want to be better than her.” No competition and all the dramas that we are used to. None of it! It is truly precious. It is so touching to know that this is possible.


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