Balanced View is a social profit organization which uses advanced computational means to pioneer breakthrough technologies in the field of education in the nature of mind. These technologies highlight the spontaneous motivation to benefit all as the infrastructure of a healthy mind. By nature, human beings are engineered to hold the benefit of all as their highest priority and as such, Balanced View has developed a standardized method of education, which will give all humans the opportunity to live their entire life motivated by the benefit of all.

Balanced View’s standardized solution to education in the nature of mind is now being used around the globe. This is similar to that in mathematics, science, engineering and so forth, all of which have needed standardization in order to be of optimal use to human culture. Thus, Balanced View’s principles of standardization empower our inherent qualities and activities to benefit all.

Balanced View is built on the participation, investment, innovative risk-taking, and entrepreneurial imagination and other characteristics that have always been so essential to organizations that serve the social good.

Donors to Balanced View are ‘social investors’, a term that reflects all who are willing and able to extend humanity’s great tradition of generosity. Balanced View’s major social investors include: Tides Foundation, Google Grants, the COD Trust, the HBB trust and the Steiner-King Foundation. Our social investors seek and expect a return on their efforts in the form of an increase in the greater good.

You can also read about current projects  made possible due to the generous contributions we have received.

In addition to the google button (also for Credit and Debit Cards) and paypal button in the footer of this page you may also contribute by:

  • Check/Money Order: Made payable to 'Balanced View ' and mailed to Balanced View PO BOX 933 Mill Valley, Ca. 94942

  • Direct Deposit/Wire Transfer: email for account information

  • Planned Giving: It is easy to name Balanced View in your will or living trust, retirement plan, life insurance policy, or general estate plan. Please email if you are interested in including Balanced View in your estate planning.

  • Shopping on Amazon: If you are shopping on, amazon will donate 0.5% of your total purchase to Balanced View. Simply start your shopping here.

Balanced View is a registered 501 (c)3 non-profit organization.